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Belly button piercing procedure and aftercare

Belly button piercing can seam a simple and safe procedure from the first sight of the non-professional. But in reality it requires a lot of skills and experience from the person who makes the piercing. There are a lot of advices how to make definite belly button piercing depending on the form of navel and other individual details but there are some common rules which must be known and followed by everyone.

Belly button piercing as well as any other piercing must be done by professional skillful piercer in a proper surrounding which means specifically equipped sterile room with all piercing supplies and tools made of high quality materials and sterile. Piercing needles must be individually packed and the piercer must wear sterile gloves during the whole procedure. These are the main things one should remember.

The healing of belly button piercing lasts for about 6 month (we mean a compete healing). After you've left the piercing salon the health of your piercing depends on you. You should:

  • wash your piercing out with specific aftercare lotion so many times a day as prescribed
  • wash your hands with lotions containing alcohol and later with cleaning lotions before touching the piercing or the jewelry
  • clean your jewelry before you put it on
  • be careful with your navel zone and make sure it's all right every day

You should avoid contacts of your belly with dirty things and don't allow anyone touch your piercing until it's completely healed. Don't go for swimming in natural waters and in swimming-pool before the healing process is over. There are a lot of ways to infect your piercing. The choice of the belly button piercing jewelry plays an important role and you should thoroughly choose it depending on your navel's type and your personal desires. Taking proper care of your belly button piercing you'll get a magnificent attractive belly rather soon.