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Alexandrite Belly Rings, Navel Rings with Alexandrite gemstone

Welcome to the magnificent collection of alexandrite belly button rings! Here you'll find stylish dangling belly rings and curved barbells accented with scare and beautiful stone named after the Russian tsar Alexander II. Alexandrite changes its color from bluish-green in daylight to purplish-red and soft red in incandescent light. Alexandrite is a relatively new gemstone and it is mainly found in Russia. But it is also discovered in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Burma, India and Madagascar. There are some beliefs about mysterious power of alexandrite. It is said to help its wearer to find the way out of difficult and critical situations strengthening his intuition. Alexandrite is believed to inspire imagination and to aid creativity. The indescribable beauty of this rare gemstone makes all the belly rings from this collection unique and elegant.

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