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How to get your belly button pierced

Belly button piercing is one of the most desired types of body piercing by girls and women and public researches proved that almost 100% of men find belly piercing extremely attractive and sexy. If you are going to get your belly pierced, you should know some facts about it to avoid risks and make sure you really want to have it. Let's answer the most important questions on this topic.
Is there age limit to get belly button pierced? By the USA law teens can get belly button piercing since they are 18. Otherwise it can be done only with official permission of one parent.
How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced? The average price in the USA for navel piercing in piercing studios is about $30-$40 if you are carrying your own jewelry. But of course it depends on the popularity of the piercer and the studio as well as on the state. And remember: searching for the place where you can get your belly button pierced cheap isn't worth those saved money.
What are the main piercing studio recommendations? Choose the studio which is trusted and some friends of yours have already got some parts pierced there and the results are very nice if not to say perfect. Each piercing procedure is individual and your piercer should pay attention to your physiological characteristics. The studio room must be sterile and specifically equipped. The navel area should be cleaned out with alcohol swab. All piercing tools should be sterile as well as anything coming in contact with your body.
Does getting your belly button pierced hurt? It won't be right to say that it doesn't. Any type of body modification hurts- some less and some more. But belly button piercing is rather painless procedure if done by professional piercer. Statistics proved that pain level depends on the individuality of the navel's shape and belly.
What about belly button piercing and pregnancy? It's not recommended to get your belly button pierced during pregnancy. If you already have your belly pierced, there are no reasons to worry. But if piercing stretches and flattens too much, it's better to take the piercing jewelry out. Of course, is there is no need for it, you can wear special flexible belly button rings specifically designed for pregnant bellies. With them you can fully enjoy the beauty of your pregnant pierced belly.
What is healing time for belly button piercing? It lasts for about 6 months. You can get completely healed piercing at least in 4 months and the latest- in 8 months.
How to clean a belly button piercing? You should:

  • wash out the belly piercing with aftercare lotion,
  • before you touch your belly button piercing you should wash your hands with alcohol containing lotion,
  • make sure your piercing jewelry is sterile and clean before your wear it,
  • avoid any contacts with fresh piercing and take care of it every day making sure it heals properly,
  • avoid swimming in swimming-pool and in natural waters.

Wait for the moment when your belly button piercing is completely healed but continue taking care of it.
So, it is not so difficult to get your belly button piercing as we see but it's important to follow recommendations necessary for healthy procedure and fast healing. We hope you'll make the right decision and don't forget that getting your belly button pierced once doesn't mean you'll have it all your life. It depends on you. Make your belly eye-catching and unique- it is rather easy!