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Belly button piercings

Belly button piercing is a fashionable trend and one of the most popular ways to beautify one's belly. In the ancient world belly button piercing wasn't widespread and was popular only in some tribes where women pierced their bellies round the navel as a ritual of getting additional beauty. Christy Turlington, a popular model, popularized belly button piercing showed her pierced navel during the fashion show and since that time millions of women go for it. Nowadays a lot of celebrities have their belly pierced and we can receive the information about new trends in belly button piercing jewelry from magazines where the pictures of pop-stars, Hollywood actresses and popular models are displayed.

As the navel is the most sensitive part of human's body the navel piercing procedure must be done carefully by professional piercer in specifically equipped and sterile room following all medical recommendations and taking into consideration the individual physiological characteristics of the client. The area of the navel must be well cleaned out with alcohol swab. There special dots must mark the place outside and inside which will be pierced. After the needle of proper size enters the tightly pulled belly and the belly button rings is inserted it must be cleaned with a special lotion and the doctor must thoroughly clean his hands. All the recommendations on aftercare must be fulfilled and then one gets a healthy good-looking belly button piercing in 4 or 6 months. Depending on one's attitude to the health and individual characteristics including the thickness of one's skin the healing of belly button piercing can last up to 8 months. You can easily get such healing recommendations and information in articles about belly button piercing aftercare.

There are various places on the navel where piercing can be done- but as a rule the upper skin rim is pierced at a definite degree. The way one navel is pierced depends mainly on its form. There are so called inner and outie navels and depending on which one you have you'll make a decision which kind of belly button ring to do. And it's better to do together with your professional piercer or doctor.

The one more important decision is the type of jewelry you'll wear in your belly button piercing. There are various belly button rings, navel barbells of curved form made of all available jewelry materials on jewelry market nowadays and you should carefully choose the one perfect for you. It's also should be made taking into consideration the form of your navel and your style. The type of belly button ring you choose should fit not only your style and outfit but comfortably set in your body.

All in all belly button piercing is a beautiful modern phenomenon which popularity still grows and a pierced belly attracts attention and causes admiration of men as well as women who appreciate and value the beauty in all its forms.