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Piercing by Material

Before buying piercing jewelry it's important to check the material to know if you have any allergic reactions to this material. The best choice for piercing jewelry nowadays is the jewelry in 14k gold, titanium and stainless steel. These materials are hypo allergic. Sterling silver is the best choice for nose piercing. If you have allergies there is a wide choice of safe materials like plastic which is cheap, safe for sensitive skin and is close to the human body skin in composition. If you prefer colorful and bright jewelry, piercing rings and barbells in acrylic and anodized titanium are to your disposal. Piercing jewelry in organic materials is recommended for completely healed piercing and is not supposed to be worn for long periods. PTFE piercing jewelry with its excellent characteristics is considered a good choice. Choose your material and enjoy the beauty, high style and quality of our piercing jewelry.

Please select from one of the following 9 categories:

Black Line,  Physical Vapour Deposition, PVD
Black Line / PVD
Gold plated jewelry
Gold plated jewelry
Organic jewelry
Organic jewelry
PTFE material
PTFE material
Sterling Silver Piercing Jewelry
Silver Jewelry
Solid Gold Piercing Jewelry
Solid gold
Surgical Steel, Stainless Steel
Surgical Steel
Titanium Grade 5 Body Jewelry, Popular Pircing Material