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Belly button piercing jewelry and healing process

There is a wide choice of belly button piercing jewelry on market nowadays and their styles, materials, sizes and shapes vary. Taking into consideration the position of belly button piercing and other individual details we should mention some requirements for bally button jewelry. First of all it should be made of quality and rather strong metals in some cases and flexible lightweight in others.

During the healing process it's better to wear plain navel curved barbells made of hypoallergenic hygiene materials. Later after the piercing is completely healed a belly button ring can replace the barbell. If you decided to wear the ring in your fresh piercing you must be ready for rather painful and long healing process and necessity to go through the all possible aftercare procedures.

If one's waist folds at the navel when a person sits it's highly recommended to wear a curved barbell in order to avoid scars, discomfort and constant swelling of piercing which prolongs the healing process. A ring in such cases will be extremely uncomfortable and harmful to your health. Make sure your belly button jewelry fits you and you'll feel absolutely comfortable.

Belly button rings with dangles and chains visually stretches the waist zone and make you look taller and your belly very attractive. Colorful acrylic as well as solid gold belly button barbells are comfortable and look great. It's up to you to decide what jewelry to choose for your belly button piercing. Show your style and individuality. You have all opportunities for that!