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Tourmaline Belly Rings, Navel Rings with Tourmaline gemstone

Tourmaline is a gemstone with a variety of colors from blue to yellow and from red to green. There are tourmalines which change their color and look different in the daylight and artificial light. Tourmaline is also called the gemstone of the rainbow. It is found in USA, Sri Lanka, Italy, Brazil and Russia. Almost every tourmaline is unique. This characteristic together with its glorious color play make tourmaline so popular. Tourmaline is the gemstone of friendship and love that is believed to render them long-lasting and firm. This magnificent gemstone is believed to strengthen nervous system, spirit and body. It is the talisman of writers and artist because it inspires creativity. Tourmaline is the birthstone of October and the Zodiac sign of Leo. We offer you a collection of high quality and stylish belly button rings with magnificent tourmaline. Variety of designs and shapes are available!

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